Indian Mycotoxin Survey

Survey period Jan’22 – Nov’22

Mycotoxins represent a significant risk to animal health and are a significant issue for a safe feed supply chain. Despite efforts to control fungal contamination, feed and food mycotoxin contamination is unavoidable and unpredictable. A high incidence of multi-mycotoxin contamination has been reported in feed. Although only a very limited number of mycotoxins have been analyzed, co-contamination is of particular concern due to potential additive or synergistic effects on animals.

Mycotoxin contamination in ingredients is major concern in India due to favourable condition for their proliferation and poor storage practice.

Cargill Mycotoxin Survey (Jan’22 – Nov’22) for the Indian region covers an overview of mycotoxin distribution and its concentration in various ingredients.

by Cargill India