Friday, June 9, 2023
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Australia canola get access to E.U.

The European Commission on Dec. 15 confirmed that Australian canola meets strict new feedstock requirements for E.U. biodiesel and is eligible to enter to...

Nuseed prepares for commercial omega-3 canola production in US, Canada

Nuseed -- a wholly owned subsidiary of Australia's Nufarm -- has completed preparation for regulatory approvals of its long-chain omega-3 canola. Australian filings have been...

Canola prices in 2017 and beyond

Canola futures generally drop if soybean futures fall. If soybeans jump, then canola futures also rise. That synchronicity has been the norm for many...

Expansion of canola research facility in Cargill

Cargill's expands canola research facility with $3.5 million investment in new equipment and technology in Aberdeen, Saskatchewan. It is poised to lead the way...

Growing importance of Canola meal for Indian Industry

Canola, a low-acid cultivar of rapeseed which was developed in Canada, and largely considered as Canada's most valuable oilseed, as the total value of...

Canola meal may improve productivity and efficiency in dairy cows

New research at the University of Nevada and University of Wisconsin supports use of canola meal over soybean meal in dairy cow diets. The...