Significance of Patented Lysophospholipids, Synthetic Emulsifiers and Monoglycerides Combination Over Lysophospholipids in Broilers

Present day broiler industry needs to be aligned with three important market trends such as maximizing performance, optimizing feed cost and maintaining profitable growth. To support all the three criteria’s, optimum nutrient utilization and absorption of essential feed components like dietary fat as well as other feed ingredients is indispensable. It is a well-established fact that lysolecithin phospholipids crucially attribute to enhance digestion, better absorption of dietary fats and result in improved bird performance. However, recent studies have demonstrated that a unique combination of lysophospholipids, synthetic emulsifiers and monoglycerides improve emulsion stability of oil, free fatty acid release rate and its absorption than that facilitated by lysophospholipids alone. Similarly, absorption of lipids by small intestinal cells and overall utilization of multiple nutrients showed similar trend. The specific mixture of above components claimed that lysophospholipids, synthetic emulsifiers and monoglycerides work in synergy to execute the efficient nutrient utilization in birds. Lysoforte® Dry is a natural biosurfactant composed of different lysophospholipids intended for improving fat digestibility and absorption; its efficacy has been demonstrated through various farm trials in broilers. On the other hand, Lysoforte® Extend Dry is a unique combination of lysophospholipids, monoglycerides and synthetic emulsifiers that work in synergy and is postulated to facilitate better fat and nutrient absorption in birds.
The objective of experiment was to demonstrate the commercial efficacy and return on investment (ROI) of Lysoforte® Extend Dry over Lysoforte® Dry in commercial broilers under open housing management and commercial feeding regime. The trial design and dosage of treatment groups are mentioned in Table-1. Rearing practice, medication and management followed were same in all the groups.


mean ± SE: n=2; P≥0.05
Fig-1: Lysoforte® Extend showed 70g higher feed intake than Lysoforte® Dry.


mean ± SE: n=2; P≥0.05
Fig-2: Lysoforte® Extend showed 60g higher body weight than Lysoforte® Dry.


mean ± SE: n=2; P≥0.05
Fig-3: Lysoforte® Extend resulted in 2-points better FCR over Lysoforte® Dry.


Fig-4: Lysoforte® Extend had 9-points higher EEF over Lysoforte® Dry

Results revealed that Lysoforte® Extend performed better than Lysoforte® Dry in terms of body weight, FCR, EEF and cost of production (COP) per kg live weight. Although there was statistical non-significance (P≥0.05) for feed intake, body weight and FCR between the groups, an ROI of 5:1 was observed in Lysoforte® Extend when compared to Lysoforte®. Earlier studies as well revealed that specific combinations of lysophospholipids (LPL), synthetic emulsifiers (SE) and monoglycerides improved the digestion & absorption rate of fats and other nutrients than that promoted by lysophospholipids alone. This strongly correlates the fact that enhanced absorption of fats and other nutrients by Lysoforte® Extend, a specific combination of LPLs’, SE and monoglycerides have contributed higher broiler production parameters than LPLs’ alone (Lysoforte®). This has resulted in higher economic returns and ROI for Lysoforte® Extend when compared to Lysoforte®.
Based on the present study, it can be concluded that Lysoforte® Extend Dry is a better nutrient absorption enhancer and can be a promising tool to improve broiler performance and economic benefits than Lysoforte® Dry. Hence, Lysoforte® Extend Dry can be advantageous to ensure sustainable and profitable broiler operations in today’s scenario of rising raw materials and feed cost.
by Partha Pratim Das, Venket M Shelke, Saravanan Sankaran and Rahul Kapse, Kemin Industries South Asia Pvt. Ltd.