Mycotoxin Prevalence in India

Main Highlights of Mycotoxin Survey

  • 1705 samples have been collected for more than 3 years (May’2017-June’2020) from 13 states.
  • Mycotoxin risk matrix have been evaluated for four mycotoxins i.e. Aflatoxin, T2 Toxin, Ochratoxin & Fumonisin in six ingredients; soya bean meal, mustard deoiled cake, rice polish, corn, corn gluten meal, dried distilleries grain soluble, predominantly used in poultry diet.
  • 78% samples were contaminated wirh more than one mycotoxin. Co contamination of various mycotoxin can amplify negative effects on animal performance.
  • 20% samples were contaminated with two mycotoxins, 34% samples were contaminated with three mycotoxins and 24% samples were contaminated with four mycotoxins.
  • Aflatoxin is majorly found mycotoxin in all ingredients, almost 41% samples were above tolerance limits for a aflatoxin followed by T2 & Fumonisin,29% and 25% respectively.
  • Corn Gluten Meal is highly contaminated with all mycotoxins.
  • DDGS is highly contaminated with aflatoxin & T2.
  • MDOC & SBM are compareatively cleaner ingredients in terms of mycotoxin contamination.
  • West Bengal comes under extreme risk zone, where more than 76% samples were above tolerance level for at least one mycotoxin.
  • Andhra Pradesh comes under severe risk zone, where 51% – 75% samples were above tolerance level at least for one mycotoxin.
  • Rest of other 11 state come under high risk zone, where 26% – 51% samples were above tolerance level at least for one mycotoxin.