Technological innovations from CIFT can support the Aqua & Poultry sectors

Fish waste no longer remains as waste and can be used as feed for the aqua and poultry sectors. If this technology can be adopted, then the fish markets and fishing harbors, where wet market trash stinks, would generate high-protein, low-mineral aqua and poultry feed. The technology is now available in Port City as the ICAR-CIFT center and the scientists of the center are ready to help the aqua sector.

The ICAR-Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (ICAR-CIFT) carries out research and developmental activities in the harvest and post-harvest fisheries sector and has developed two technological innovations, including technology cum machinery line of developing feed from fish waste and V-form double-slotted otter boards for use in small scale trawl fisheries for fuel saving.

Fish processing creates nearly 60% of waste material and disposal of this huge biomass is of great concern in the fish markets. Fish vending markets and outlets generate a considerable quantity of discards rich in high–quality protein, fat, minerals, and other vital micronutrients. Conversion of fish discards into feed for aquaculture and poultry is a necessary option for utilizing unsorted waste from fish markets, the Scientist-in-Charge of CIFT Vizag, Dr. U Sridhar said.

To address the problems of handling fish-cutting discards comprising head, bones, skins, and visceral mass, ICAR CIFT has standardized a simplified process for the direct conversion of fish market discards into high-quality floating or sinking fish feed.

For pilot production, a customized machinery line comprising of shredder, pulverizer, blender, extruder, and drier was designed by ICAR-CIFT, Kochi. The technology is already popularised in Kerala and is now available in AP. Recently, the machinery line for making feed from fish waste is handed over to the executive secretary Y.L.J.B. Jayaraj of ALERT organization.

Source: The Times of India