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Mold Infestation and its Control in Feed Raw Materials

Mold infestation in animal feed material is a usual occurrence till date as there is no completely safe mechanism which can prevent it. It...

New Feed Raw Materials: India Market

India is the sixth largest producerof feed in the world market, amounting for production of 34.2 million metric tons in 2017 with presence of...

Free trade policy should be introduced for Feed raw materials

Well, the Indian poultry industry is growing at a CAGR of @ 6 percent, while the oil meal production in India is either constant...

Record of Poultry feed raw materials’ availability in last decade

The Poultry feed accounts for nearly 60 per cent of the total feed marketed in India. The feed composition generally comprises of grains, grain...

Troubleshooting The Pelleting Process

Introduction The benefits of producing good quality pellets are well documented and accepted. This article will deal specifically with production matters and pelleting technique for...

Impact on prices after Maize arrivals in Bihar

Maize prices in India declined in the last week of March as arrivals have started in Bihar. Though the quantity was small and with...

India: the next darling of the global oilmeal market?

Time and again, India is compared with China in anything from manufacturing to agricultural commodities trade. Despite the differences in terms of their agri-food...