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Expert Tips for Making Feed Pelleting Process More Efficient & Profitable

After successful conclusion of the first series, Think Grain Think Feed organized second session of Process Optimization webinar on 23rd July with Mr M....

Cooling- A critical process for pellet durability index & feed hygiene

The main objective of Cooling processin the pellet formationis to withdraw heat and moisture from dense mass to forms shaped mass. Theoretically, the amount...

Role of Mixing in delivering balanced diet

Mixing The nutritionist provides a recipe to optimize growth, production and health of an animal. The recipe is a balanced diet that supplies nutrients at...

Factors influencing Feed quality and Feed mill productivity-Pelleting Tips

Pelleted feed is an outcome of several sub process of feed milling process. The pellet feed quality and feed mill productivity depend on those...

The process of feed making

When making feeds, manufacturers consider the age, production level of the animal, species and the cost of the feed. They then play around with figures...

Impact of feed raw materials on pellet quality

While a lot of work is done on choosing raw materials and optimizing formulations for making animal feed, the importance of pellet quality is...

Mixing-a critical function in Feed manufacturing

Introduction The daily ration of nutrients that an animal receives from a feed may vary from time to time due to a number of reasons....