Sunday, December 10, 2023
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Responsible Aquafeed – Best Aquaculture Practices agenda

BAP-certified feed mills are also being called on to play their part in combatting antimicrobial resistance by excluding the use of antibiotics designated by...

More Sustainable aquafeed with marine microalga co-product

Dartmouth scientists have created a more sustainable feed for aquaculture by using a marine microalga co-product as a feed ingredient. The study is the...

Aquaculture and new trends in aquafeed for yield enhancement

Global demand for seafood reflects on increasing emphasis on aquaculture and consequently a steady rise in the requirement for aqua feed. Aquaculture is the...

Microalgae to replace fish oil for sustainable fish diets

US researchers found that replacing fish oil with Schizochytrium in Tilapia feed actually improved the feed for the fish and also increased certain healthy...