Strategic partnership of Delacon and Cargill to cater to China market

The strategic partnership between Delacon and Cargill paves the way for the Chinese feed market, with four phytogenic products available to start with.
In 2017 Delacon and Cargill formed a strategic partnership including a minority equity investment from Cargill to deliver enhanced solutions for their customers. After entering the Russian market last year together, it is now time to bring Delacon phytogenic products to China.
As China is proposing to ban all in-feed antimicrobial growth promoters starting in 2020, phytogenics represent a key solution for antibiotic-free animal nutrition. Through the partnership, Cargill’s premix and nutrition business in China and Delacon will deliver enhanced customer solutions for the China market in a sustainable and natural way. This will bring more benefits to producers and consumers.
“2018 was still a year of transition and building trust between Delacon and CPN China,” says Kevin Wang, Delacon regional sales manager in China. “But for this year we have put together very ambitious sales activities that will make a net difference with the past and will put Delacon as an important supplier in phytogenic space in China.”
The partnership connects Delacon’s experience in phytogenics with Cargill’s deep expertise in applied nutrition. “At Cargill and at Delacon, we have a strong commitment to our customers, we are both science-driven innovators and, we deliver high product quality,” says John Fering, managing director of Cargill’s premix and nutrition business in China.
Products based on science
Started as a niche product in the 1980s, phytogenics today provide a key solution for animal productivity and sustainable, wholesome food production. Delacon is the first and only company so far to receive zootechnical EU registration for two phytogenic feed additives, proving its products meet the scientific gold standard in the feed industry. Zootechnical registration is a legal confirmation of safety and efficacy as a growth promoter by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) following a rigorous approval process.
Given the vast variety of powerful natural ingredients, phytogenic feed additives are known for broad-spectrum efficacy, with proven impact on unlocking the nutritional potential in feed, control and improve the digestive process, enhance the gut’s microflora and boost the immune systems of farm animals to promote feed efficiency, keep animals healthy and provide wholesome food while reducing the environmental impact.