Over 10,000 large projects include Symaga silos

In 2020, Symaga marked 35 year since its founding. In a year overshadowed by the pandemic, Symaga has delivered its 10,000th storage project, totalling more than 42M m3 of storage built in 145 countries on five continents.
Amongthecompletedprojects, wehavetohighlightthestorageplantof a milllocated in Lasin. ThePolishmill, MlynySzczepanki, entrusted Symaga withthedesign and manufacture of 5 hopper silos SCE0993 / 15T45 with a specialprotectionforthehopper.
We start in 2021 supported by the momentum of the last months of 2020, with a significant portfolio of new orders. Asia has become one of the target markets, with a new office in Singapore to support our services and solutions in the region, to respond to the growing demand that is expected in coming years. To maintain this continued growth, Symaga will not only focus on new markets, but will underpin its policy of further deepen presence in its top markets, such as Europe, Russia and Ukraine.
Symaga thanksitsemployees and customersfortheefforttocontinuegrowingtogether!