Feed Mill Management – Audit and Edit

Feed operation counts around 60% to 65% of poultry operation. One needs to produce consistency in quality and quantity throughout 24 hrs, 7/12 and 365 days a year. And that’s the reason various controls in systemic manners on regular basis are required all the time.
In the areas of 4 M:
– Men management.
– Material management.
– Machine management.
– Money management.
Feed mill audit: observation results in fact-finding from A to Z of operations.
Feed mill edit: requires fine tuning and correcting and implementing the suggestions made.
It serves to reduce all sorts of wastages and results in savings on regular basis, as well as ensure consistency in quality.
This write up is based on medium size feed mill so 100 tpd located in India, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Nigeria.
The details are given as attachments as seen under: