Digitalization in Indian dairy to help policymakers


The National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) has released an Android-based dairy surveyor framework that could help policymakers devise or revisit successful policies in the field.
According to NDDB, the Android application with a geographic information system (GIS) would support dairy cooperatives and producer-owned organisations in the sector by providing real-time information.
The Dairy Surveyor application can provide a comprehensive locational database that policymakers will use to devise or revisit
appropriate dairy-related policies and programmes.
Varsha Joshi, joint secretary – cattle & dairy production, department of animal husbandry & dairying, Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry & Dairying of Government of India, said, ‘It can capture’ real-time’ location-based information to improve decision-making.’
Joshi, speaking at an NDDB webinar on the new app, said it can geotag and map infrastructure, track field projects in real time, and control milk procurement and sale-related operations, all while increasing transparency and saving time, effort, and money.
The dairy board’s data digitisation push via the app, according to Arun Raste, Executive Director, NDDB, would set targets and enable dairy institutions to follow and expand their use of digital platforms. ‘An app like this would also allow the dairy industry to become more conscious and move toward a digital economy,’ Raste continued.
According to Sudhir Kumar Singh, managing director of the Jharkhand Milk Federation (JMF), Ranchi, the app would be useful during the planning stage to extend marketing reach, track results, and increase market share, among other items.
Source: krishijagran
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