Brazil expects a huge soybean crop

Record yields are helping grow the crop.
Brazil could harvest 113.3 million tons of soybeans in the 2016/2017 season. According to the Rally da Safra, the main expedition to monitor the grain harvest in Brazil, this estimate is a result of favorable weather and an investment in technology.
According to the survey, soybean production will grow 18% compared with the previous crop, which was 96.3 million tons. The estimate indicates an increase in acreage from 82.28 million acres to 83.76 million acres.
Yield Record
The outstanding result of the Safra Rally was the record yield of 49.78 bushels per acre, compared with 43 bushels per acre in the past season. “This is a spectacular soybean harvest,” said André Pessôa, coordinator of the Rally da Safra, in a statement.
During the expedition, technicians observed favorable weather in most producing regions, a low incidence of pests and diseases, and an increased investment in seeds. “This year, rains occurred earlier and were constant throughout the season, and farmers took advantage of early planting,” says Pessôa.
The earlier soybean harvest allowed the good implementation of the second-corn crop until the second fortnight of February in the states of Mato Grosso and Goiás. It offers a positive outlook for the second crop, increasing the chance of higher productivity of corn, too.
Source: agriculture