Tamil Nadu Government Support Rural Poultry Farm with 50% Subsidy

The district administration has invited applications from people interested to set up country chicken farm with Government subsidy.

Tamil Nadu Government was providing 50% subsidy to set up country chick farms in rural areas with 250 chickens in a unit.

Three to six beneficiaries would benefit from the scheme in Virudhunagar district in 2024-25, a statement from Virudhunagar Collector, V.P. Jeyaseelan, said.

As per the scheme, ₹1.58 lakh subsidy would be provided for setting up the poultry shed and other parapernalia. Under the scheme, each beneficiary would get 250 numbers of 4-week-old country chickens. The beneficiary should own 625 square feet of land and the land documents — chitta, adangal — should be submitted. The land should be away from human habitations.

The beneficiary should be a permanent resident of the village.

The beneficiary or his/her family members should not have been a beneficiary of this scheme in 2022-23.

The beneficiary should assure that he/she would maintain the farm for a minimum of three years.

The contribution of the beneficiary could also be availed through bank loans.

Widows, destitute, transgender and differently-abled persons would be given priority. The statement added that 30% of the beneficiaries would be from SC and ST communities.

Interested persons can approach the nearby veterinary hospitals, dispensaries for further details. The filled-in applications should be submitted by July 10, the statement said.

Source: The Hindu