Role of quality feed supplements in Sustainable animal production

Please give us a brief about company history and your plans for Indian animal nutrition market.
Camlin Fine Sciences (CFS) operates in a wide range of sectors like food flavors, fragrances, biofuels, pharmaceuticals, dyes, paints, petrochemicals, agrochemicals, textiles, tanning industries and also animal nutrition over the last few decades. Today we have a global network with operations in more than 80 countries with offices, services extended in Europe, American and Asia.
Dresen Quimica S.A.P.I. de C.V. (CFS Dresen) has strong presence in the field of animal nutrition, human food additives & industrial chemicals for more than three decades. The company drives the animal nutrition division through product & services offering real time solutions to Poultry, Cattle, Aqua, Swine producers and the pet food, rendering industry as well.
After acquiring Dresen last year Camlin fine sciences aims to cater fast growing animal nutrition market of Asia. In line with the motto established last year, the state of art production facility and service facility is already established at Tarapur with technology transfer from Dresen, Mexico and is working with some clients in India for customized solutions. This includes product basket covering three segments mainly feed safety solutions, shelf life solutions and performance enhancers.
Which is the biggest market for the company? How do you see the company growth in the Asian market?
Our understanding about the animal nutrition market suggests Asia is going to grow multi folds. With increasing population the protein demand in this continent is going to create lot of opportunities for animal farming. India and China with own grain productions will become most cost effective producing countries.
The end products like eggs and meat will become more common part of daily diet. Growing earning patters of Indian societies with morphing consumption is a huge opportunity for further development of Poultry and Dairy markets in coming years.
Looking at the similarities of Asia and Latin American market, the company is planning to replicate its successful business module for India followed by Asia.
What are the major challenges in Indian Poultry industry, and how can the expertise of Mexican company help our producers?
Market vulnerability is the principle challenge. Serving the market with safe feed and better quality will make animal farming model more sustainable. Application technologies for preserving quality of feed ingredients will help to offer new nutrition alternatives for formulations.
We strongly believe that rapidly growing market like India can be developed with our service support and expertise of offering the real time solutions for enhancing nutritive value of feed. In high volatile markets, quality animal feed additives will make least cost production possible and help the clients to sustain and even flourish.
What do you feel about the awareness level of Indian poultry, cattle and aqua feed industry?
The production efficiency of this region is improving rapidly matching the global standards. But there are challenges that still need to overcome. The poultry production in India currently is organized and highly scientific, even then it faces challenges like lack of organized marketing channels, concept implementation of modern techniques, available skilled manpower and services. The Indian dairy industry has an incredible opportunity of morphing into large scale farms by adopting modern techniques like atomization with the set of specialty products and application technology.
In last few decades, CFS Dresen has helped the farmers to become more efficient using its products and technologies and provided its customers.
How has been your experience with Indian market and how do you compare it with other countries in which you are serving?
Our experience with Asian market is quite new but the expertise of our team and customer centric approach will help us to sustain this competitive market. The aim is to provide the customers with products that will enable them to least cost production and hence provide them with better sustaining ability during poor market conditions and improve profits during good market conditions.
We believe that service-product-application technology based business strategy model that was successful in other parts of the globe, will also keep us successful in Indian business.