Protein Nutrition Management: The Need of Indian Cattle Feed Industry

KAI organizes a seminar for its key customers in Chennai
On15th March,Kemin organized a seminar at Chennai on the topic “Protein Nutrition management: The need of cattle feed industry in India”. The objective of the seminar was to drive the focus towards the concept of Protein balancing from Crude Protein towards Metabolizable Protein and eventually Amino acid balancing. A global perspective on this subject was shared by Dr Andrew Yersin, Sr Vice President, WW Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs in his opening speech. Riaan Van Dyk, VP WW Marketing and Strategy introduced Kemin and its global business activities with which Kemin is touching half of the people of the world on every day basis. Before this, Dr Suresh K, President of Kemin South Asia welcomed the participants that included some of the most prominent feed millers in India, Dairy Nutritionists and thought leaders.
The lead presenters, Dr Sudhir and Dr. Sriharsha took a deep dive in the subject and highlighted the role of amino acids in not only protein synthesis but also energy metabolism and immunity. Citing the practical examples of commonly used ingredients in feed formulation, the attention was drawn how it’s important to balance the critical amino acids like Lysine and Methionine for optimum production and performance in dairy animals.
Dr. Tanweer Alam, Director Sales & Marketing Ruminant, emphasized the focus on quality of Protein rather than quantity of protein as the prime determinant of efficiency. “Kemin is committed to support the drive of quality feed formulation and production, as that’s the only way we can generate higher confidence of the dairy farmers on usage of compound cattle feed which in turn will drive the feed production from present 8 million MT to 50 MMT per annum, the present need of the milking animals in India”, he said.
The conference was followed by an interactive session between the customers and the speakers.
“It is an excellent learning opportunity to attend such seminars conducted by Kemin as we feed millers get valuable inputs to add value to our feed which will help farmers get more benefit”, said one of the participants.