Proposed feed act to protect interests of dairy and poultry farmers

The proposed Kerala Livestock and Poultry Feed and Mineral Mixture (Regulation of Manufacture and Sale) Act, 2022, will be enacted only after protecting the interests of dairy and poultry farmers in the State, Minister for Animal Husbandry and Dairy Development J. Chinchurani has said.
Addressing a sitting of the select committee on the Act, to collect evidence from farmer representatives in four northern districts recently, Ms. Chinchurani said the Act aims to ensure safe and quality feed, regulate manufacturing, storage, distribution, and sale of feedstuff, and mineral mixture in the State.
The members of the committee would visit States that had enacted the Act prior to its final draft, the Minister said. Most of the farmers in the State depended on feeds produced in other States as those produced by Milma and Kerala Feeds could cater to only 50% demands of the farming community in a month.
Quality of feeds
Moreover, several complaints were raised by farmers on the quality of feeds arriving from other States and on the difficulty to detect adulteration in such feeds. Hence enacting the Bill was the need of the hour, the Minister added.