Novus International Organized Breeder Forum around Asia Pacific Region

During September 2017, Novus organized Breeder Forum in Jakarta (Indonesia) and Hyderabad (India) to update its customers on the recent trends in broiler breeder and trace mineral nutrition. Focused concepts regarding the nutrition and management strategies for broiler breeders and how to maximize energy utilization for poultry were shared to the attendees. The key note speakers for the event were Dr. Craig Coon, poultry nutritionist and professor at the University of Arkansas, and Dr. Sudipto Haldar, research and development director from Agrivet Consultancy in India.
The event in Jakarta took place at the Bandara International Hotel on 20th September and was well attended by close to 60 delegates from around the region. In Hyderabad, the event was held at the Sheraton Hotel on 22nd September and was attended by around 45 delegates.
Dr. Coon, whose main interest lies in Broiler Breeder Nutrition with specific emphasis on nutrient partitioning for improved production performance, emphasized on these focused topics in relation to current broiler breeder trends. He also shared that future breeder nutrition strategies will be different than now as producers will be forced to feed more energy in providing for additional maintenance requirements for increased lean mass. As such, feed withdrawal practices will be changed. He discussed on how genetics may target the protein turnover and muscle loss in breeder to support this function. In that breeder hens will likely utilize more glucose and amino acids to make eggs up until 37-40 weeks of age, while fat will be more vital in the last half of the hen’s productive life, when both de novo lipogenesis and egg production decline and lean mass would demand more maintenance energy. Dr. Coon also suggested not to overfeed protein in breeder hens, as to reduce egg size and optimize energy utilization, pointing out to potential decrease in fertility and hatchability.
To maximize energy utilization for poultry, Dr. Sudipto Haldar discussed the importance of formulating feeds closer to requirements. Using digestible amino acid values, instead of total amino acid, and applying specific enzymes would be helpful to increase nutrient digestibility of alternative raw material ingredients. He also stressed the importance of trace mineral nutrition in poultry breeder nutrition. Using mineral chelates to precisely target for specific animal performance responses will eventually demand its extensive use in feed formulations.
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