NDRI Wins Technology Award that can Measure Total Bacterial Count in Milk

KARNAL: A technology, developed by National Dairy Research Institute, has been awarded best technology on the occasion of 95th Foundation Day of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) and Technology Day at New Delhi.

Dheer Singh, Director and Vice Chancellor of ICAR –NDRI attended the function where Kailash Choudhary, Minister of State for Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare handed over the certificate to him.

Speaking on the sidelines of the function, Singh said that the title of the technology is PANI-PEC paper strip assay for detection of total bacterial count in milk.

He said that technology has been developed in a team led by Raghu, HV in the Dairy Microbiology Division of the Institute. The technology can be used for detection of total bacteriological quality of milk at farm level, reception dock, manufacturing unit.

Singh further informed that the Minister released another NDRI “Smart Sensors for Real-time Quality Assessment of Traditional Dairy Products” on this occasion.

He said that this technology has been developed in the Dairy Technology Division of the Institute by P.N. Raju and his associates and the technology enables the consumers and other stakeholders to easily check the quality (freshness or spoilage) of packaged traditional products such as khoa, burfi, and sandesh during storage.

The advantage of the technology is that the product quality can be assessed without opening the pack.

Singh also informed that NDRI has made significant improvement in the commercialization of NDRI developed technologies and in the last 05 years, NDRI has commercialized 42 technologies to dairy industries.

Source: Times of India