MilkLane forays into cattle feed business in Tamil Nadu

MilkLane, a Bengaluru-based dairy start-up incubated by Pioneering Ventures, has forayed into the cattle feed business with the launch of a new brand with two variants, Aayush Max and Aayush Rich. The decision comes as the company aims to improve health of the cattle, quality and productivity of the milk through high-quality cattle feed.
The high-quality feed, with a balanced source of essential nutrients, benefits both farmers and end consumers. The product improves animal health and milk production ensuring enhanced income for the farmers, while driving corrective interventions for safe and toxin-free milk for the consumers.
During a pilot phase for six months, the product was given to 500 farmers in Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu, and administered to 1,000 cows to improve their health conditions and to increase milk productivity as well as the quality.
Post the pilot, the company has proceeded with the commercial launch in the open market in Tamil Nadu, which will be followed by other states in Southern India.
“Our entry into the cattle feed business has come up at the right time when the government is committed towards the dairy-sector. In the recent Union Budget, it has been proposed to create infrastructure for cattle feed management and milk procurement, thereby facilitating private players to support farmers,” said Gaurav Haran, chief executive officer, Milklane.
“Having said that, we are also exploring other opportunities to strengthen our farm-to-fork value chain and further build on our current strong association with the farmers,” he added.
“Indian farmers need to be trained about the nutrition-deficiency in cattle feed which is affecting the economics of dairy farms badly. Also, the presence of toxins in feed can end up in milk as well,” Haran said.
“Hence, we go a step further by educating farmers on best dairy practices and provides them with a holistic extension service, which includes veterinary services, nutrition and preventive care, facilitating finance and insurance services,” he added.
Dr Ashok Modgil, head, operations, MilkLane, said, “The lack of hygienic fodder can lead to Aflatoxicosis, a condition caused by prolonged feeding of mould infested fodder. This can cause liver disease, slower weight gain and impaired lactation cycle in dairy cattle, ultimately impacting the quality of milk.”
“Hence, we have rolled out a high-quality nutrition-balanced cattle feed, which is free from toxins, to mitigate the risks arising out of poor-quality feeding,” he added.
MilkLane launches the hygienic cattle feed in an effort to continuously safeguard cattle and human health. It contains required protein, minerals, and nutrition which ensures increased milk yield.
Additionally, it improves the density and quality of milk, which further produces more butter and fat content in the milk. It is manufactured using a scientifically-developed recipe, formulated by a proper mix of quality cereals, grains, oilseed cakes and minerals, providing suitable nutrition solutions to the farmers.
Source: newsvoir