Latest Feed Milling Technology adopted in new feed mill by JAPFA

JAPFA Group-giant from Indonesia, active in Poultry & Animal Feed Manufacturing in India has recently inaugurated its new feed mill in Bihar.
Since starting its journey in 1999, the group is serving the Indian poultry industry by providing better feed efficiency. Presently, the group is operating 4 modernized feed mills in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal and latest in Bihar. The total production capacity from previous mills (Maharashtra, West Bengal, Telngana) is 10,000MT per month.
Quality control labs with well-equipped with technologies like NIR for nutrient analysis, HPLC & Elisa for toxin and micro-nutrient analysis, are also situated along the feed mills. Diet formulation based upon actual analysis of critical nutrients and multi-blending techniques with enzyme modules, result in consistent field performance in varying agro-climatic conditions of India.
jap1To cater the increasing demand, the group has recently expanded its network with state-of-art feed milling facility inaugurated on 6th April 2016 at Chakjado, Vaisli district of Bihar.
In an conversation with Think Grain Think Feed, Mr. A.D. Nath shared about the newer technology of semi-pellet concept adopted in the feed mill. The 1st line can produce 7500 MT per month of feed and after completion of the 2nd line which is expected by the end of the year, the production will be double to 15000 MT per month. The mill will be catering to Eastern UP, Bihar and some parts of Jharkhand.
Mr B. Naveen, Production Engineer said during the event, “The Bihar Feed mill by Van Aarsen is based on Pre-Grinding System (American concept) with Modern Pelleting Technology for maximum utilization of steam to obtain fine cooking results ensuring better quality of the feed. Differential conditioners aided with high retention and better gelatinization, compress particles tightly for better pelleting to maintain the nutrient value and optimum FCR.”
The plant was officially inaugurated by Chief Guest, Mr Wahjudi Gunwan-Vice President of JAPFA Group and the director of JAPFA India, in presence of 1000 guests consisting of poultry entrepreneurs, ingredient suppliers, Government officials and few other personalities from the industry.
Mr. A. D. Nath, Assistant Vice President of the company assured the customers to provide better quality feed with improved FCR using its R&D and infrastructure.
Mr Ardi Budiono, Vice President said the company will always focus on mutual prosperity.
Dr. S.R. Singh the Dean of Rajendar Agriculture University, PUSA, Bihar who was also the Guest of Honor appreciated the new facility and suggested Poultry entrepreneurs and farmers to take maximum advantage of the latest available technology in the state.