Indian Veterinary Association (IVA) Announces Dr. Shirish Nigam as National Co-Convenor of Entrepreneur’s Wing

NEW DELHI, 20 December 2022 – Indian Veterinary Association (IVA), an apex organization of veterinarians of the country, announced that Dr. Shirish Nigam has been named as National Co-Convenor of Entrepreneur’s Wing of IVA.Dr. Umesh Chandra Sharma, President IVA, mentioned that addition of Dr. Shirish Nigam into the Executive Body will add valuable industry experience to the association.

All India Veterinary Association came into existence in the year 1922 during a conference of veterinarians, in Moradabad, UP, which was presided by Professor Dr. Karam Dane from Punjab. With its HQ in New Delhi, today association has more than 60,000 veterinarians from across the country. Every State and Union Territory has its own association, which is affiliated to the apex organization.

Looking into the changing dynamics of animal husbandry sector and to augment support to members in their entrepreneurial journey, it was decided to start an Entrepreneur’s Wing at IVA with a vision to facilitate proactive policy making to support animal husbandry sector related business activity across value chain by connecting the dots between companies,enterprises, and policy makers.Another part of the vision is to look at possibilities of how India can be global leader in exporting animal health n nutrition technologies.

The executive committee meeting of Indian Veterinary Association (IVA) held on 20/8/22 had unanimously decided to appoint office bearers to Entrepreneur’s wing of IVA. Dr. Umesh Chandra Sharma, President IVA, Dr. D Thanigaivelu, Secretary General IVA as well as Dr. Vijay Kumar, Treasurer, IVA welcomed Dr. Shirish as National Co-convenor of Entrepreneur’s Wing of IVA and look forward to working with him to build & grow veterinary entrepreneurship in the country.

Dr. Umesh Chandra Sharma, President IVA,added, Dr. Shirish is an accomplished leader having deep veterinary business operations expertise with more than 25 years of rich experience in sales, marketing and general management in multiple global animal health organizations andoffers a relevant and unique skillset to the entrepreneur’s wing.

Dr. Umesh Chandra Sharma, President IVA

“I am delighted to join IVA as National Co-Convenor of Entrepreneur’s Wing as it will provide ample opportunity to serve the profession and work with talented group of thought leaders.”

Dr. Shirish Nigam, Managing Director & Angel Investor – Animal Health n Nutrition


Executive Committee, Indian Veterinary Association