Brazil and India Join Forces to Accelerate Ethanol Production

New Delhi: Brazil has started sharing technology with India to help it achieve 20% ethanol blending for petrol by 2025-2026, and will send indigenous breeds to improve productivity in the livestock and poultry sector, said Brazilian agriculture and livestock minister Carlos Favaro in an interview. Brazil is the world’s second largest producer of ethanol.

Brazil will also take measures to correct some of the imbalance in the agricultural trade relationship by improving market access for Indian agriculture exports, including urea, to Brazil. “We, through some companies, have already started sharing the technology to enhance ethanol blending with petrol. As India produces a lot of sugarcane, it’s easy for them to reach up to 30% because we already have technologies with a capacity of 27.5 that can go up to 30%. The technology that we are sharing with India will help them to achieve the 20% blending target by 2025-26,” Favaro told Mint during his visit to India earlier this month.

“In the past, we have received some genetic materials from other countries in Brazil and we managed to enhance the productivity of those indigenous breeds. Now we are planning to send those genetic materials to India so that they can take advantage of the breed that has higher

Source: Live Mint