An innovative enzyme by DSM

After the EU, Latin American Countries and USA, DSM launched its latest innovative enzyme in India and Bangladesh market. On this occasion, Santiago Ramirez Senior Manager Regional Marketing APAC Poultry, DSM Nutritional Products has shared the following details on the recent innovation.

The innovative enzyme is the first and only feed ingredient that breaks down peptidoglycans (PGNs) in bacterial cell debris, thus releasing nutrients and unlocking a hidden potential in gastrointestinal functionality.

It is a microbial muramidase designed to support gastrointestinal functionality thereof optimizing the feed efficiency and consequently supporting the sustainability of broiler production.

The enzyme is the latest innovation from the Alliance of DSM with

Novozymes, reflecting the strength of its scientific capabilities as well as its capacity to significantly and responsibly improve sustainable animal production. Together DSM and Novozymes have developed a solution that contributes to the growth and welfare of animal by digesting bacterial cell debris from the gut. No other technology works like this.

Mode of action

An innovative feed ingredient, it hydrolyses the major cell wall component (Peptidoglycan) in the dead bacteria, present in the gut, thus improving nutrients availability. This unique mode of action differentiates it from the other solutions in this space, which target indirectly living bacteria.


By including this enzyme in the feed for broilers, feed producers can improve feed conversion ratio by 4-6 points(3%), translating to significant cost savings. It has also been shown to substantially increase breast meat yield and to enhance animal welfare through drier litter.

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