AGRIVET – a different dimension to the Livestock Research & Advisory

Partnering for Future

The success story of Agrivet lies in its origin. The gap in the demand and supply of knowledge to the medium and smallscale investors in the field of animal husbandry in India was aptly identified by Dr. Shivaji Dey, a leading Indian consultant in the field of livestock and aqua nutrition business.

Dr. Shivaji conceptualized the idea of forming a consortium of animal husbandry professionals to extend need-based and unbiased technical consultancy services to the afore-mentioned small and medium scale operations to facilitate their infrastructure development and become contemporary in product and services offerings.

His vision got bolstered with the joining of Dr. Anirvid Sarkar, established veterinarian and animal genetics professional, and Dr. Amrita Kumar Dhara, an expert in the field of poultry breeding, health, and hatchery management.

Within few years of inception, Agrivet established itself as a reputed livestock advisory organization, and realized the need to add research along with its established livestock advisory profile. Dr. Sudipto Haldar, a premier academician and researcher in the field of Animal Nutrition, joined Agrivet in 2015 and Agrivet Research Center was established. The Research division of Agrivet got further reinforced with Dr. Haldar taking the research activities to a level contemporary to international standards.

Delivering Excellence

With Advisory and Research established in their solution repertoire, Agrivet decided to start their Laboratory services. On reaching successful 10 years of journey, they ventured into learning school for Livestock Industry, which is one of its kind skill development facilities for learners and refreshers from India and neighboring countries.


Agrivet has developed itself as the only Independent Private Livestock Contract Research service provider in Indian subcontinent and South-East Asia with 100+ Indian and Global clients. At Agrivet Research Center, basic and applied research is carried out for benefiting the livestock fraternity across the globe. The entire research facility is diligently and meticulously designed and is ideal for research planning with perfect representation of contemporary farming scenario in tropical countries. Its capabilities include: Poultry Research (Broiler in open house, Layer in open house cage, Broiler in EC house), Aqua Research (IMC, Tilapia and Vannamei in tanks), Feed Technology (PDI, Production Efficiency, Micro Ingredients Traceability) etc. Agrivet is coming up with Asia’s first state of the art Broiler Breeder Research Facility in Environmentally Controlled House.


The Technical Consultancy provided by Agrivet is in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, and SE Asian countries. Their team of in-house technical experts and hands-on professionals provide technical consultancy in:

Animal Feed Formulation & Nutrition (Poultry – Dairy – Aqua – Swine), Poultry Breeding Operations and Management, Hatchery Management, Feed Processing and Production Technology, Feed Plant and Farm Process Audits, Sourcing of Raw Materials & other Inputs, Raw Material inspection service, Quality Control & Assurance of Raw Materials, R&D and QC Set-up Implementation Services, Conceptualization & implementation of Turn-key project: Breeder, Layer, Broiler, Feed plant, Hatchery and other animal husbandry projects, Consultancy in New Product.

Development for Animal Feed: Raw Materials, Additives, Supplements. Managing QA & QC at the time of raw material procurement is a unique proposition of Agrivet to its clients that has proven to be a game changer in the field performance consistency of Livestock Feed.


Continuing its first in market vision, Agrivet laboratory is a Unique Livestock Laboratory Service. It is equipped with State-of-the-Art infrastructure managed by experienced scientists and skilled technicians. Test outcomes in Agrivet Laboratory are validated by domain experts with strict adherence on turnaround time and test protocols.

Agrivet as an organization is client focused. Inspired by the thought, offers Hassle free Online Portal for Test Request Form Submission and Report can be downloaded from the portal dashboard directly by the user.

Agrivet Laboratories serve on the domains of Nutritional Profiling–Wet Chemistry & NIRS, Microbiology, Moecular Biology & RT – P CR, Serology/Immunology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Pathology & Parasitology, Feed Technology and many more.


One of its kind concepts to enhance technical knowledge and impart training to the existing workforce in Animal Husbandry industry and to freshers who are ready to join this sector. Mentored by some of the leading technocrats in the field of Animal Husbandry & Animal Nutrition Research, Agrivet School green campus, courses are right mix of classroom-based and onsite hands-on knowledge transfer.

Summer Training, Internships and Industrial Training activities are taken up for the interested students and educational institutions.

In its 10 years of journey, Agrivet Research & Advisory Pvt. Ltd. has proved its delivery excellence and has become a livestock research and healthcare destination admired by industry professionals across the globe.


Agrivet strives to sustainably revitalize and transform rural livestock through its services using modern science and technology. Starting from providing unbiased technical advisory to small and medium investors in enhancing technical knowledge, the vision has complemented to reach clients globally. This bright outlook and optimism in Agrivet employees define our organization.


Agrivet will act in coalition with its clients to accomplish their requirements and belief. The organization will achieve its mission by ultimately providing the highest degree of customer satisfaction through its technical offerings and Agrivet as an organization will always strive forward to reach the perfection.

Source By : Agrivet Research & Advisory