Agreement signed between GMP+ International and Iran Feed Industry Association

The Iranian feed industry shows a serious interest in upgrading its feed safety control. The abolition of the international trade boycott makes it possible that the Iranian animal feed sector becomes part of the international feed market again. The Iranian market is open, making several internationally leading animal feed companies active in the Iranian market. They challenge the Iranian animal feed companies in terms of quality, including animal feed safety. On the other hand, Iranian companies are becoming active in the international market, and are also confronted with the demand for quality and safeguarding animal feed safety.
For that reason, GMP+ International and Iran Feed Industry Association (IRFIA) signed a collaboration agreement recently. The intended collaboration with GMP+ International marks the initial step towards obtaining a GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance certificate, in order to be able to comply with international standard and domestic demands.
Taking the lead
“For many years, Iran’s economic stability is banking with selling of oil worldwide” says Mr. Ghadirly, Chairman of IRFIA. “We are happy that the Government understands the need for change, they are aware of poor production of animal meat (poultry, fish and beef). Therefore the Iranian government started supporting the private sectors through investment in the industrial revolution and extension of personal relations to International Organizations. Thus, we would like to initiate the first step in taking the lead for change, that’s why we partner with GMP+ International because they are well-known internationally and we believe in them”.
Goal of the agreement
The main goal of this partnership is to obtain the knowledge transfer towards Iranian feed companies about safety management and risk assessment in several segments in the feed (supply) chain, including mixed feed manufacturers. Building a joint contact and relationship with the Iranian Government about implementation of GMP+ FSA certification and data exchange about perceived feed safety risks and analysis result. Later, parties aim to develop a support group in Iran to maintain the purpose.
“Everyone is welcome to be part of our growing international GMP+ community”, says GMP+ International’s Managing Director Johan den Hartog. “It fits our vision that everyone has the right to consume safe animal products, so also safe feed is necessary, the more Iranian feed industry becomes part of the international market”. “We are looking forward to share our knowledge for our common interest: securing the whole feed supply chain and ensuring safe food.”
Source: GMP