Adisseo partners with Calysta for Asian markets

Bluestar Adisseo Company and Calysta announced on 20 February that the two companies have formed a joint venture, dubbed Calysseo, to develop and promote FeedKind and provide an exclusive supply of the product to Asian markets.
FeedKind is a non-animal protein source that Calysta has developed to improve feed efficiency and health. The company has already established partnerships with Nofima and with Thai Union to trial the new product.
Adisseo is a leading feed additive company for animal nutrition, and is one of the main subsidiaries of China National BlueStar. Adisseo serves 3,900 customers in 110 different countries through a global distribution network.
The partnership, according to a release from the companies, will involve the construction in China of a FeedKind production facility, with an expected completion date of 2022 and an anticipated production of 20,000 metric tons of FeedKind each year at that stage. The second phase of the partnership will add a further 80,000 metric tons to the site later on.
“Adisseo is one of the world’s leading feed additive companies and this exciting new partnership with Calysta marks a significant moment in the FeedKind story,” Thomas Huot, the recently appointed chief operating officer of Calysta, said of the new joint venture. “Today’s announcement means we are now making the transition from a tremendously exciting idea to one that will deliver truly world-scale impact, making food supply chains more resilient, and making them far more sustainable in the process.”
Adisseo said the partnership with Calysta is a part of the company’s strategic investments in new technology in the industry.
“Adisseo is committed to strategic investments in new disruptive technologies. Our ambition is to become one of the leaders in sustainable feed ingredients and additives for aquaculture across the Asian markets,” Adisseo CEO Jean-Marc Dublanc said in a release. “Adisseo looks forward to developing this partnership with Calysta, as this innovative technology will support and accelerate the development of its business in aquaculture while providing additional opportunities to tackle the dual challenge of meeting the world’s need for healthier, safer, affordable and sustainable food for tomorrow while at the same time contributing to protect planet’s resources.”
Source: Calysta and Seafoodsource