Adisseo announces the signing of an agreement for the acquisition of Nor-Feed

Adisseo announces the signing of an agreement for the acquisition of Nor-Feed
and positions itself on a new range of sustainable and natural specialty ingredients for Animal Nutrition

The Adisseo group announces that it has signed an agreement to acquire Nor-Feed
and its subsidiaries, a French group that designs, manufactures, and markets plantbased specialty ingredients and plant extracts for animal nutrition.
This acquisition is part of the Adisseo Group’s global leadership strategy for
specialty feed ingredients.
This investment is a key step for Adisseo in its strategy of developing specialty ingredients,
and its ambition to make Nor-Feed a French leader in functional plant extracts for animal
nutrition. By offering natural and sustainable solutions to its customers, Adisseo is
positioning itself on a market with an annual growth of almost 10%.
Nor-Feed, based in the Angers Technopole (France), was created 20 years ago by Pierre
and Cecile Chicoteau, and developed around an original and unique project focused on the
preventive role of nutritional strategies by promoting botanical extracts from agricultural coproducts in animal nutrition and hygiene, to limit the use of antibiotics, coccidiostats and

Adisseo and Nor-Feed have already identified some synergies, in particular, to
strengthen and develop the penetration and adoption of these products in very highgrowth markets where Adisseo is already well-established and has real legitimacy.
Nor-Feed will continue to autonomously manage its R&D, production and sales
network. Olivier Clech and Pierre Chicoteau will continue to lead the company.
ADISSEO will give Nor-Feed the benefit of all its expertise and network to help it
achieve its objectives and implement the synergies identified.
Jean-Marc Dublanc, CEO of Adisseo: “We are pleased to have signed an agreement
to acquire the Nor-Feed Group, which is consistent with the Adisseo mission to offer
its customers sustainable, affordable, qualitative, and safe solutions. This operation
is part of our strategy to accelerate the growth of our Specialty products on unique
and differentiating technologies.”
Pierre Chicoteau, co-director of Nor-Feed: “Nor-Feed has solid bases, and our
purpose is unique on the market.
We have developed and registered botanical additives for animal nutrition, safe,
effective, and manufactured in France in a structured CSR framework.

Adisseo has worked alongside us since 2016 and will now allow us to take the Nor-Feed
project much further.”
For Olivier Clech co-director of Nor-Feed “The demand for botanical additives for animal
nutrition is confirmed each year, and we have experienced an average annual growth of
more than 20% over the last 11 years, driven in particular by our solutions to offset oxidative
stress or manage coccidial risk. The growth potential remains considerable, and the team
is very committed to continuing our development.”

Source By : Adisseo