Vets In Poultry 4th AGM & Symposium Paradigm of possibilities and passion

Date:  August 27, 2022 & Aug 28, 2022

Vets In Poultry, an association based in Pune, has more than 1000 members actively working in Poultry Farming. Vets In Poultry association always put relentless efforts towards the betterment of Poultry farming in India, and as a part of this journey team Vets In Poultry has organized its 4th AGM and Symposium at Lonavala on 27th Aug 2022 and 28th Aug 2022 at Hotel Rhythm, Lonavala. The event focused on the theme “Paradigm of possibilities and passion” that will foster the growth and development of poultry farming in India.

AGM started with an address by Dr. Santosh Ire, Secretary, Vets In Poultry on August 27th afternoon with key highlights of activities done by Vets In Poultry during the last financial year. Dr. Prasad Kulkarni, Treasurer, Vets In Poultry presented a book of accounts for the last financial year. This was followed by a Presidential address by Dr. Ajay Deshpande. On this occasion he recognized the immense potential of the poultry sector for employment generation and doubling farmer’s income. During his speech he mentioned key achievements by the Vets In Poultry team viz amendment in bird flu draft,promotional activities,  the step towards opposing misleading advertisement about chicken and eggs and at the same time he dragged attention towards working on issues like re-emerging diseases and providing solutions for it is the prime duty of members of Vets In Poultry

AGM was followed by creative group discussions hosted by Dr. Jeevan Sonawane. He set the plafrom for group discussions. He instigated few  points such as active  promotion of Chicken and eggs, removing common myths about eggs and chicken, and tie-ups with various national and international institutes to achieve objectives of Vets In Poultry. During this event, all dignitaries on the dais and participants actively participated and came up with innovative suggestions and proposals for the betterment of the poultry farming community. On behalf of the Managing Committee Dr. Ajit Ranade, Technical Advisor, VIP, and Dr. Ajay Deshpande, President, VIP assured participants to work on agreed proposals in the coming days.

Vets In Poultry is expanding it wing to all India and on the occasion of AGM, members of executive committee welcomed newly appointed regional heads

Dr. Badal Singh, Chandigarh and Haryana
Dr Rais Rajpura, Gujrat
Dr. Sachin Ingewar – Vidarbh Maharashtra
Dr. Sahebrao Rathod – North Maharashtra
Dr. Mahendra Singh – Madhya Pradesh
Dr. Shitan Singh Rathore – Punjab
Dr Banibrata Maity – West Bengal
Dr. Bimal Kumar Chaudhari – Odisha and Jharkhand
Dr. Ravindra Reddy – Telangana
Major Dr. Vinod Kumar – Karnataka
Dr S. Rukmangadhan – for Tamilnadu

Day one was concluded with the vote of thanks by Dr G Gopal Reddy.

The second-day symposium started with lighting up the lamp & Souvenir inaguration by dignitaries and Chief guests.

Dr. Prasanna Padgaonkar delivered a very insightful presentation on Poultry Outlook. He has thrown light on various aspects of poultry farming in India. He also highlighted future concerns and probable solutions to poultry farming.

Dr. Shripad Bhat, a renowned cardiologist from Pune in his speech highlighted the importance of protein in human life and also guided the audience regarding maintaining a healthy lifestyle and cardiovascular health. His deeper insights on protein requirement at various stages of aliments for the patients were quite interesting.

This was followed by a very interesting brainstorming session Dr. D Chandrashekhar, Dr. Prasanna Pedgaokar, Dr. Anil Phadke, Dr. Jayant Deshpande, Dr. C R Behl, and Dr. Sunil Nadgauda were panelist for this session.

Dr. Ajit Ranade moderated the session. He initiated discussions around some important topics such as cage ban, animal welfare, pollution control, and re-emerging disease control. He concluded the session with his few take-home messages for the audience.

Vets In Poultry Award Ceremony. The lifetime achievement award for Year 2022 was given to Dr. D Chandrashekhar, Retired Prof & Head, Department of Animal Nutrition, Namakkal.

Management Committee of Vets In Poultry conducted Life Time Achievment, Ceremony. Life time achiemvent award was presented to Dr. D Chandrashekhar for his finest contribution to the field of Animal Nutrition and poultry farming.

The program was concluded with the vote of thanks was proposed by Dr Prasad Kulkarni.