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Pushing the envelope with Phytase – Potentiated Phytase

Introduction: Phosphorus is one of the essential minerals for all the living organisms including poultry. Phosphorus being a part of energy currency, plays a critical...

Superdosing of Phytase – A concept to increase animal performance

Introduction Phytic acid (Inositol Hexaphosphate- IP6) is a low solubility compound present in broiler feed. It has an anti-nutritive factor as Phosphorus is present in...

Innovative technology to produce enzyme for animal feed

An Indian research scholar, who developed technology to produce Phytase enzyme with a low cost, was awarded a Rs 50 lakh grant by the...

Nutrient absorption – reframing the possible

Optimisation of technical and economic performance in modern broiler production is a complex matter which increasingly requires a revaluation and reframing of what is...