Symaga Upgrading Silos

New corporate video by Symaga

In today´s fast changing environment achieving growth demands continous improvement to adapt to the demands surrounding us. In Symaga have achieved this by upgrading our silos, developing both our factory and our production process and of course taking care of our human team. In order to show the progress of our company we have posted a new corporate video that presents all the key facts which have contributed to our evolution of the last years, reinforcing Symaga as your reliable partner for your storage project.

We have a proven record of 60M m3 of storage capacity built in more than 14.000 big projects in over 150 countries. Our experience of more than 35 years combined with our group of 150 professionals makes us one of the key leaders in manufacturing industrial Silos.

Ana, Marta and Alfonso explain how Symaga has become what it is nowadays, and how it strives to adapt to its international customers through investments on projects such as MES and SGA for an industrial production 4.0, always supported by an employer network of 150 highly engaged professionals under a permanent ongoing training which ensures the reliability of each project, from the layout drawing to the end of the assembly. As a second generation of the Garrido family they tell us about the important values his father has passed down to them, which they hope to preserve for the future generations ensuring the continuity and growth of the company.

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Source: Symaga S.A.