New Mobile App from CIRB Set to Revolutionize Milk Yield Estimation for Haryana Farmers

Farmers in Haryana will soon find it easier to estimate the milk yield of their cows and buffaloes. Scientists at the Central Institute of Buffalo Research (CIRB) are developing a mobile app to assist with this.

The app, currently in testing, claims an 88 per cent accuracy rate in predicting milk yield. It will be available on the Play Store within two to three months.

Traditionally, livestock experts or vendors provide information about milk yield, which can sometimes be inaccurate. To address this issue, CIRB scientists decided to create an app that would help farmers make informed decisions. The app has been under research for the past three years, led by Dr Sunesh Balahaura.

Dr Sunesh Balahaura and his team evaluated the physical structure of around 270 Murrah buffaloes over three years. They created a database and developed various models using artificial intelligence and machine learning. These models helped determine the maximum milk-producing potential of Murrah buffaloes.

Based on this data, the buffaloes were categorised into low-yielding and high-yielding groups. This categorisation was then used to develop the app’s programming and language. Farmers will need to enter specific details about their buffaloes, such as teeth movement and barrel shape, into the app.

The app will categorise the buffalo as either high-yielding or low-yielding based on the entered data. It will also estimate peak milk yield during their lactation cycle. This innovation aims to provide reliable information to farmers, reducing their dependence on potentially misleading advice from vendors or experts.

The upcoming app is a significant step towards using technology for agricultural purposes. By leveraging technology, CIRB hopes to improve decision-making in animal husbandry. The app will prove to be a valuable tool for farmers, providing them with accurate information about their animals’ productivity.

This development is expected to enhance the efficiency of dairy farming in Haryana. Farmers can download it to get accurate information about their buffaloes’ milk yield. The app’s availability on the Play Store will make it easily accessible to farmers across the region.

The app’s creation involved extensive research and testing to ensure its accuracy and reliability. With an 88 per cent accuracy rate, it promises to be a game-changer for dairy farmers. The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in its development highlights the potential of technology in agriculture.

This new tool aims to empower farmers with precise data, enabling them to make better decisions regarding their livestock. It represents a move towards more scientific and data-driven approaches in animal husbandry.

The CIRB’s initiative reflects a broader trend of integrating technology into traditional farming practices. As more farmers adopt such tools, it could lead to significant improvements in productivity and efficiency within the agricultural sector.

The app is expected to reduce farmers’ reliance on external advice, which can sometimes be inaccurate or misleading. By providing direct access to reliable data, it supports more autonomous and informed decision-making among farmers.

This innovation underscores the importance of research and technology in modernising agriculture. It highlights how scientific advancements can directly benefit farmers by improving their practices and outcomes.

The upcoming release of this app marks a notable advancement in agricultural technology. It is poised to become an essential resource for dairy farmers in Haryana and potentially beyond.

Source: One India