Namakkal Poultry Owners Initiate Talks for Egg Exports to Russia

Talks regarding the exporting of eggs to Russia are still in the primary stage, and it is too early to confirm the possibility, said poultry owners in Namakkal district.

Due to the war with Ukraine and other factors, egg production in Russia has significantly decreased. As a result, there are reports that Russia may need to import eggs from other countries, including India, and Namakkal could take advantage of this opportunity.

Valsan Parameswaran, secretary of the All India Poultry Products Exporters Association (AIPPEA), said that talks with Russia for exporting eggs are only at the primary stage. “There are many processes, including trade policies, certification process, quality standards, and many terms and conditions, that are to be discussed and finalized.

The latest information says that egg production is now better in Russia. At present, we cannot exactly say whether Namakkal eggs will be exported to Russia. Union and state governments are helping poultry owners export eggs to foreign countries. The major demand of poultry owners are incentives for egg exports as the price of eggs is changing everyday,” Mr. Parameswaran added.

According to a poultry owner, there was a long-pending demand to declare Namakkal an avian influenza disease-free zone, because an outbreak of bird flu in any part of the country would affect the export of eggs from Namakkal. Declaring Namakkal an avian influenza disease-free zone will save poultry owners from losses, and precautionary measures introduced by the government and animal husbandry department were being followed, he added.

It is notable that Tamil Nadu is the second largest producer of eggs in the country after Andhra Pradesh. But in terms of exports, Namakkal is first place in India with 95% of its table eggs being exported.

Source: The Hindu