Mr. T. Natesan Promoted as Managing Director of Virbac India

Mr. T. Natesan is now promoted as a Managing Director of Virbac India.Mr. Satish Pasrija the leader who has vision, courage, humility and a brilliant strategic mind to plan and catalyze cooperation amongst all team members for perfect execution, is retired as Managing Director of Virbac India on 30th June 2020.

Mr. T. Natesan joined erstwhile GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Limited in the year May 1990 as Business Officer based at Coimbatore. He was promoted as Area Sales Executive in the year 1993 andArea Sales Manager in the year 1997based at Coimbatore.In the year July 1999, he was promoted as Regional Business Manager based at Bangalore to take care of State of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradeshand Kerala. During his tenure under his leadership,region qualified 2 times for All India best region award. Mr. T. Natesan established excellent sales management practices and under him, he developed various Managers who are currently heading the regionssuccessfully.

Based on the performance and internal selection process,in the year 2008 he was promoted as Sr. Regional Business Manager based at Coimbatore.After 20 successful years in Virbac India, from Business Officer to Sr. Regional Business Manager, Mr. T. Natesan was promoted as General Manager of Virbac Vietnam in January 2011, and subsequently as Asia Regional Director since January 2018. During these 9 years, he has been instrumental in transforming our organisation in Vietnam, and has made significant contributions to establishing or supporting new and successful business models in Asia.

To continue the successful journey of Virbac India, in these times of significant changes, both in the market and in our organisation, Mr. T. Natesan was elevatedfrom Bangkok Regional Office to Mumbai Office, as Virbac India’sJoint Managing Director effective April 01, 2020 and consequently he took thecharge as a Managing Director effective July 1st2020.

He brings with his overall 33 years of core Animal Health Industry experience with working in India and South East Asia, Taiwan, Korea on different business models with successful transformation of the business & experience of working with different people, culture,market dynamics &different challenges.