Independent and up-to-date information on mycotoxins

Mycotoxins – toxic substances produced by fungi – are a recurrent threat to human and animal health. Schothorst Feed Research gathered all scientific knowledge on the occurrence, health hazards, prevention, treatment, analysis and other current insights on the topic in a comprehensive book. The launch of the publication is accompanied by a masterclass, consisting of a series of six webinars and a two-day seminar.

From Field to Feed Dr Regiane Santos is senior researcher at SFR, specialized in mycotoxins, and chief editor of the book. “We noticed that our partners and clients have a growing demand for scientific, independent information on mycotoxins”, she says. “Over the years, we have performed many studies on the impact of mycotoxins on farm animal health and production performance, but in the book, entitled ‘From Field to Feed’, we also wanted to include scientific insights from other experts from all over the world”, she explains.

Santos contacted specialized authors to contribute to the different chapters in the publication.

The book gives an extensive overview of all aspects related to mycotoxins. First, an introduction is provided of the occurrence of mycotoxins in different crops and different regions in the world. Seven chapters are dedicated to the effects of mycotoxins in various animal species (poultry, pigs, cattle, fish, horses, companion animals and insects). The progress in sampling and analysis methods is also described, as well as in vitro models to evaluate the effects of mycotoxins on organs and tissues. In the final chapters in the publication, an overview is given of methods to prevent or treat mycotoxin contamination. Also, risk assessment and issues related to climate change and future farming are dealt with.

Masterclass “Because we were determined to spread all this knowledge as widely as possible, we decided to accompany the launch of the book with a masterclass”, Santos says. “The interactive set-up of the masterclass enables participants to directly ask questions to the experts in the webinars and seminar. People attending the seminar will receive a hardcopy of the book.”

Throughout this year, SFR hosts a variety of webinars featuring diverse speakers; recordings of each webinar will be available afterwards.

The live two-day seminar will take place on September 19th and 20th, in Zaandam (The Netherlands). Eleven experts from around the world will present their research findings and insights on mycotoxins. The seminar program gives plenty of networking opportunities, covers a wide range of animal species, and addresses topics such as prevention, treatment of contaminated feed, climate change, and risk assessment.

The full program of the masterclass can be found on the website of Schothorst Feed Research:

Registration People may register for the full masterclass program, for the seminar only, for all webinars, or for single webinars. “This means that everybody interested in mycotoxins can compose a tailor-made program, suited for their own needs”, Santos explains.

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