BENISON Media in collaboration with Glowlit launches new section on Feed Additive pricing

Benison Media has announced collaboration with Glowlit, a global market intelligence platform creating value for stakeholders across the animal feed supply chain.
Benison Media and Glowlit will provide readers with pricing data and trend analysis on a few select feed additives each week. Glowlit’s market intel derives from its unique model anonymously crowd sourcing data from industry professionals in real time. Glowlit works by offering users access to a free price report in exchange for entering a valid delivered price for a selected product of interest.
“In light of all of the unpredictable price fluctuations due to Covid-19 supply chain disruptions, we think now more than ever there is a place for a tool like Glowlit to promote fairness around feed additive pricing,” says Guy Soreq, Glowlit’s CEO and Founder.
Readers can look for the new Feed Additive Focus section in both the newsletter and soon available on the Benison Media website as well. Read on to view the first installment.
As of second week of August, Feed Additive Focus, brought to you by Glowlit, takes a look at the latest price changes in Vitamin D3 500 & Vitamin C 99%.
Spot buyers are paying 64% less for Vitamin D3 500 than they were in End of April, with the current global price around 21.3 USD per KG. Buyers in Turkey are paying as little as 18 USD per KG. The prices shown here are global. Click on the chart to see prices for your region of the world.
July saw a rapid drop in the price of Vitamin C 99% with spot buyers paying 28% less than mid June. The current global price is sitting around 3.3 USD per KG. Buyers in Germany are paying as little as 3.2 USD per KG. The prices shown here are global.
What is Glowlit?
Glowlit is a crowdsourcing tool that gives users free regionally-based price reports on a range of animal feed additives. Our data comes directly from purchasing managers who know the industry best. All entries are anonymous and shared only as part of an aggregate report. Glowlit price reports are based on over 22,000 price entries. Each one has been cross-referenced and validated across multiple touch points – including both algorithm and human-based verification. In doing so, Glowlit is able to ensure that rapid shifts in prices are accurately reflected within the system.
Visit and enter a recent quote to see free reports detailing historical price trends and volume-price breakdowns on over 50 different products, segmented by regions around the world. Sign up for notifications to stay ahead of the curve on price fluctuations like the ones seen here.