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Since the launch of Think Grain Think Feed in 2015, the magazine is providing unbiased information to the national and international feed industry. To take this journey further, Benison Media decided to come up with ‘ASK FEED EXPERT’ column which aims to serve the feed millers, integrators and other related professionals and help them to make an informed decision.

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The fluctuation in feed raw material is a common scenario which results in unwanted losses to the producers. This section is dedicated to answer you queries on national and international scenario of the feed crops as per expertise of the expert.

Animal nutrition plays a vital role in producing nutritive animal protein. The objective of this section is to answer your queries on poultry, dairy and aqua nutrition as per the expert’ expertise.

Feed Processing usually improves nutritive value to prevent spoilage and isolates specific components from feeds, reducing wastage, anti-nutritive factors and improves efficiency of the feed and results in better productivity of the animal. In this section, you may ask queries relating to feed processing.

Feed safety is a prerequisite for food safety, as well as a necessity for animal health and welfare. This section brings the expert’ knowledge to resolve all confusion regarding feed safety regulation.

Feed storage helps to preserve the quality and nutritional value of the feed raw material, and also helps make the most of it by preventing spoilage. This section will take care of challenges, technology and other related issues.

The purpose of this section is to focus on other important aspects of feed industry like marketing, tax regulations, trade regulations and other related issues. The reader may enquire as per the experts’ proficiency.

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