Aker BioMarine’s animal feed division expands its presence establishing in China

Known as a global leader in Antarctic krill, Aker BioMarine’s latest venture in China focuses on providing high-quality animal feed ingredient QRILL®.

CEO Matts Johansen extended his congratulations for the opening, joined by Sigve Nordrum, Chief Commercial Officer of animal nutrition, Bjørn Wallentin, Senior Vice President of global sales, and Yu Chengping, General Manager of Aker BioMarine (Shanghai) Company, who were present at the inauguration. The event garnered well-wishes from other Aker Group offices in China and notable Chinese animal feed enterprises.

The establishment of Aker BioMarine (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. signifies the company’s deeper involvement in China’s animal nutrition market. This strategic move not only addresses the growing demand for premium animal feed in China but also sets a robust foundation for Aker BioMarine’s expansion in Asia. With the burgeoning Chinese market, Aker BioMarine (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. pledges to deliver an enhanced range of high-quality products and services to local customers, fostering mutually beneficial outcomes.

In 2020, QRILL® Antarctic Krill meal received the Import Registration Certificate from the Ministry of Agriculture and Customs Registration Certificate, marking its official entry into the Chinese market. Praised for its nutritionally balanced marine protein and phospholipid omega-3 ingredients, QRILL Aqua Antarctic krill raw material not only enhances aquatic species’ palatability and health but also elevates product quality, addressing the market’s demand for excellence and sustainability in aquafeeds. These distinctive advantages garnered significant attention at this year’s China Feed Industry Expo, underscoring QRILL Aqua Antarctic krill powder’s potential and competitive edge in the Chinese market.

Similarly, in the pet food industry, QRILL Pet Antarctic krill meal is gaining traction. Renowned for its rich nutritional content, QRILL Pet not only fosters pets’ glossy coat and well-being but also boosts their vitality, fostering longer-lasting bonds between pets and owners. At the recent International Pet Food Ingredients Conference, Mr. Sigve Nordrum highlighted QRILL Pet’s premium nutrition and latest scientific research findings, providing robust scientific support for its application in pet food. Aker BioMarine’s accolades, including the “Three Origins of Excellence Award,” underscore QRILL Pet’s stellar performance in the pet food sector, offering pet food brands top-tier functional krill powder products and driving innovation in the industry.

Recognizing China as a pivotal strategic market, Aker BioMarine reaffirms its commitment to the region by intensifying investments and support. With a dedicated team, advanced technology, and personalized services, the company aims to deliver pure, high-quality products to Chinese consumers, contributing to human and animal health through Antarctic krill products.