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Bioprotein may bring self-sufficiency in Russian animal feed industry

In the Soviet Union, in the 1970s the first production of nutritional proteins from hydrocarbons was started. In total, the country has built 12...

Indian Poultry Industry at a glance

Status of Poultry Industry in India India with a population of 1.25 billion people is highly focussing on “Development” i.e. Good Food, Better Health &...

Key discussions at 6th AGM of INFAH

The 6th Annual General Body meeting of INFAH held recently in Mumbai, was attended by close to 100 industry colleagues representing Indian Animal Health...

Asia Nutrition Forum 2017 announcement

Leading animal health and nutrition professionals alongwith researchers, academics and expe rts from the food and feed industries will gather in five cities: Dhaka,...

Growth Trajectory of Animal Health Industry

The veterinary medicine market is a tiny fraction of the size of the human medicine market, but it goes through just as stringent a...

Landscapes of Responsible Use of Antibiotics in Food Animal Production

Introduction Antimicrobial drugs have been widely used in human and veterinary medicine for more than 50 years, with tremendous benefits to both human and animal...

Get ready to face competition from the World – BS Yadav

During 58th National Symposium of CLFMA, Think Grain Think Feed team met Mr. BS Yadav, Executive Director & President of Godrej Agrovet Limited which...

Participation call for Multi-stakeholder Feed Safety Partnership by FAO

The rapidly growing population along with increased urbanization and income is expected to rise the consumption of animal products by 70% in 2050. The...