Vision of New CLFMA Chairman – Neeraj Kumar Srivastava, Chairman, CLFMA of India

Connecting last jigsaw puzzle piece.

It is a unique privilege and honour for me to being elected as the Chairman of CLFMA OF INDIA. I feel humbled to follow in the illustrious traditions of the First Chairman, Shri G V Sirur, and Great Legacy of my predecessors, Shri. A. B. Godrej, Shri. N. B. Godrej, Shri Pravin Lunkad, Shri. P. S. Nandakumar, Shri. Anand Menon, Dr. S. L. Anaokar, Dr. S. V. Vaidya, Mr. Bharat Tandon, Mr. B. S. Yadav, Mr. B. Soundararajan and many more. To follow in their roles is a big task, but I am sure and confident that with the help, blessings and cooperation from allthe members, we shall attain greater heights for CLFMA OF INDIA.
The industry and the whole world is going through a unique challenge arising out of COVID-19,the efforts required to overcome is stupendous. I assure you that CLFMA OF INDIA shall continue to remain vigilant and active to influence policy matters at National and State levels to make our businesses profitable. Our focus is going to be bringing in new technology to upgrade and improve knowledge of our members and improve operations at par with global standards.
Our vision is to create high level of awareness in marketing and branding of our end products to help a sustainable growth of our industry through digital marketing, working closely with policy makers and by many other efforts.
CLFMA of India is an apex organization and the voice of the country’s dynamic livestock sector. The 54-year -old industry association is recognized as one among the highly reputed in India. CLFMA OF INDIA is well recognized by livestock farmers, central and state governments, government departments, agriculture universities, veterinary colleges and national research institutes in India as well as outside the country.
CLFMA of India has over 230 members representing diverse subsectors of animal protein value chain including feed manufacturing, poultry, dairy and aquaculture business, animal nutrition and health, veterinary services, machinery and equipment, processing, distribution and retailing of meat and ancillary services such as banking.