Unremarkable market trends for Vitamin E50 and Vitamin D3 500

The most remarkable market trends this week are rather unremarkable. Both Vitamin E50 and Vitamin D3 500 have shown stability with a slow gradual decrease in price. While demand for food-grade Vitamin D continues to increase following claims that it supports the immune system’s fight against COVID, its feed grade counterpart has maintained the same price level for the last 3 months suggesting that supply and demand are balanced for now.

Glowlit users interested in Vitamin E50 received a unique activity email notification last week. The increased user interest (31% more than last week) in the Glowlit community seemed to follow an announcement by Royal DSM (https://www.dsm.com/corporate/news/news-archive/2020/2020-10-29-dsm-update-on-vitamin-e-production.html?from=singlemessage) regarding a maintenance shutdown of its Vitamin E plant in Sisseln, Switzerland during parts of January and February 2021. DSM also announced that its Vitamin E production facility in China, part of a joint venture called Yimante between DSM and Nenter, is expected to compensate for the volume gap resulting from the closure in Sisseln. So far, the sentiment in the global Vitamin E market seems to agree, with prices logged around the world confirming stability in the market.