Trouw Nutrition offers a quick and reliable on-site solution for mycotoxin analyses

When it comes to assessing the levels of mycotoxins that may be present in raw materials and final feed, integrators and feed millers are faced with some difficult choices. On one hand, they would like to know exactly which mycotoxins may be involved, as well as the degree of contamination.  On the other, however, they need to be able to take effective action within hours, rather than waiting days to receive lab test analyses.
Need of the hour: on-spot, reliable testing method
Understanding the situation faced by integrators and feed millers, Trouw Nutrition has developed a tool to analyse mycotoxins without the need of a third-party laboratory.  Mycomaster provides rapid, cost-effective and quantitative mycotoxin analyses of over 40 validated feed raw materials and final feed.
It is an easy to use system that can be operated on-site, providing rapid analysis of six most common mycotoxins: aflatoxin (AFLA), deoxynivalenol (DON), zearalenone (ZEA), ochratoxin (OCHRA), fumonisin (FUM), and T2 toxin (T2-HT2).  It takes less than 5 minutes to get the results, thus helping in quick decision making and quality control.
A complete risk management system
Quantifying mycotoxin levels is not enough, it is also crucial to analyse and correctly interpret the results obtained.  Mycomaster is designed to upload results directly to a secure online global database, thus enabling users to be able to compare the obtained results with reference data from old samples and from around the globe.  This helps feed millers and integrators to create their own management reports.   With access to largest database of local and global mycotoxin patterns, the information can be used to decide whether a mycotoxin control product should be added or not, and to determine the quantity that may be required.
Mycomaster now at Hyderabad
Trouw Nutrition India also offers this quick and reliable system at their customer service laboratory, MasterLab, in Hyderabad for their customers at a nominal price. For further information on Mycomaster, please contact us at