Trouw Nutrition India opens new laboratory and office in Hyderabad

Trouw Nutrition India, a Nutreco Company, held the Laboratory and Office Opening Ceremony on 11 June 2018.  With almost 100 attendees from all over India the event was a huge success.

Trouw Nutrition is the global leader in innovative feed specialties, premixes and nutritional services for the animal nutrition industry.  With the mission “Feeding the Future” forming its essence, Trouw focuses on research and innovation for sustainable development.  Trouw has always believed in solution-based approach rather than transactional.  The opening of new Customer Service Laboratory in Hyderabad is part of the efforts in being a complete solution provider to the customers.

The new laboratory of Trouw Nutrition Indiais a dedicated feed analytical laboratory for the customers. The laboratory aims to provide varied analytical assays for complete feed, raw materials and water, using state-of-the-art equipments, modern techniques and highly qualified laboratory technicians. This laboratory is part of the MasterLab – Global Trouw Nutrition laboratory. The global connect allows to standardize the analytical techniques in a faster way so as to provide accurate and reliable reports.

Dr. Saurabh Shekhar, Managing Director, Trouw Nutrition India says about the developments that, “India is a key priority market and focus for both Nutreco and Trouw.  Opening of new office and laboratory are a part of these expansion plans.  Further, as an organization we believe in “Customer-first” approach and with the new laboratorywe aim to provide better services to our customers.”

The ribbon cutting ceremony was conducted by Mr. HaikoZuidhoff, Managing Director, Trouw Nutrition Asia Pacific.   He congratulated the Indian team on the opening of new office and laboratory and wished success for the future.

The Lab and Office opening ceremony was preceded by a seminar on innovative offerings of Trouw Nutrition.  The seminar began with Dr. Chandani Parihar, Marketing Manager, Trouw Nutrition India welcoming the guests and setting the tone for the day.

Dr. Saurabh Shekhar welcomed the guests and gave a brief overview of the operations of Trouw Nutrition India. He explained that in a world with limited natural resources and growing pressure on the feed-to-food value chain, Trouw Nutrition is at the heart of changes.  Our mission “Feeding the Future” is the starting point of all we do and reflects our ambition to be the global leader in animal nutrition and aqua feed.  Trouw Nutrition works closely with customers to increase their productivity and profitability; our strong belief and investment in research and innovation is helping torealise the necessary growth for farmers and integrators. Dr. Shekhar also gave the audience an overview of the company’s global operations and the key focus areas.

Mr. Peter Bom, General Manager, Trouw Nutrition MasterLab spoke about the expertise of Trouw Nutrition: MasterLab and NIR.  Salient features of his presentation are:

  • Quality control in a feed mill should be practiced at all 5 stages: incoming raw materials, process control, formulations, finished products and nutrition.  This is possible either through laboratory analysis or smart on-site instruments.
  • Trouw Nutrition’s global Customer Service Laboratory service called MasterLab is a specialized feed laboratory.
  • With 30 labs across the globe, MasterLab offers analytical support on R&D, development of customer service tools as well as internal analytical standardizations.
  • One can never know the true value in analytics, only high sample volumes can help in more precise analysis. The advantage with Trouw is the years of experience and high-quality laboratories across the globe.  Our NIR expertise also stems from thesehigh-quality laboratories that improves accuracy and leads to precision feeding.
  • With the objective of bringing the lab to the sample, Trouw also believes in analysis at customer sites through internet-based technology that provides quick and reliable advice to customer.

Dr. SabihaKadari, Technical Support Manager, Trouw Nutrition India discussed NutriOpt and Precision Feeding.  Key points discussed by her are:

  • There are large variations between and within countries in the nutritional value of raw materials. This variation of nutritional value impacts preciseness of feeding.
  • Precision feeding is required to get a competitive edge and more frequent optimization of formulations based on NIR analysis results can help in achieving that.
  • NutriOptis the modular precision-feeding system offered by Trouw Nutrition that helps to achieve financial and animal production goals through precise real-time analysis, modelling, calculation and technical support.
  • NutriOpt helps to reduce the risk of complex decisions, to bring transparent decision making and to optimize nutrition for improved profitability.
  • Through NutriOpt, Trouw Nutrition also offers additional nutritional intelligence to meet species specific challenges. For eg.  Split-feeding concept in layers to improve egg production.

Mr. Lennart Oosterbaan, Teamleader NIR, Trouw Nutrition MasterLab further added on to the previous discussion about bringing the lab to the sample.  Salient features of his presentation are:

  • Traditional lab services are unable to meet the high-quality demands of feed industry for fast, accurate and low costs analysis.
  • Trouw Nutrition with 20 years of experience and R&D knowledge have developed a way to handle the demand through NutriOpt Mobile NIR or NutriOpt On-Site Advisor.
  • NutriOpt Mobile NIR offers portability and flexibility without samples leaving the site i.e. farm or feed mill.
  • This on-the-spot testing, powered by comprehensive NutriOpt Nutritional database, helps to improve performance and profitabilitythrough informed decision-making based on real-time advice.

Post the interactive session, a workshop on use of NutriOpt desktop NIR and NutriOpt Mobile NIR was conducted.  The workshop was attended withenthusiasm by the participants and was highly appreciated.
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