Thailand: DIT to find measure to handle low price issue of corn for animal feed

The Department of Internal Trade (DIT) has acknowledged the under-supply of corn for animal feed.
According to DIT Director-General Nanthawan Sakuntanak, Thailand is capable of producing 4.61 million tons of animal feed corn per year, far below market demand. Animal feed producers, as well as ethanol refineries, have resorted to importing various substitutes, such as wheat.
However, Ms. Nanthawan indicated that corn for animal feed has been reasonably priced. Corn kernels with 14.5% water content is sold for 7.9-8.0 baht per kilogram.
In general, the DIT chief stated that the prices of agricultural products are currently satisfactory, with a few exceptions becoming significantly more expensive.
She disclosed that in the case of oversupply, her department is planning several measures to support value added processes and provide additional distribution channels.
Source: National News Bureau of Thailand