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Expert Tips for Making Feed Pelleting Process More Efficient & Profitable

After successful conclusion of the first series, Think Grain Think Feed organized second session of Process Optimization webinar on 23rd July with Mr M....

Mixing-a critical function in Feed manufacturing

Introduction The daily ration of nutrients that an animal receives from a feed may vary from time to time due to a number of reasons....

The Science of Pelleting

Pelleting converts a finely ground blend of ingredients into dense, free flowing agglomerates (pellets). It is a fairly expensive process in terms of both...

Poultry Federation Moves Hyderabad to commemorate its 28th AGM

Poultry Federation of India (PFI) celebrated its 28th Annual meeting at Hyderabad which was a 2 day event, AGM on July 15, next day...

Problems Encountered during Feed Milling in Tropics

Feed processing is becoming a more challenging task than ever with coming newer raw materials and technologies, and growing advance research to control increasing...