Sustainability, a commitment for Symaga Group


The installation of a photovoltaic solar energy generation plant to power our factory in Villarta de San Juan is one more step in the commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment, which we already consolidated in 2018, with Environmental Management System ISO 14001.

One of the covers of our buildings has been used to install a system of solar panels that will generate green energy. This first phase will supply 25% of the total energy consumed in Symaga Group, aiming to 100% in the second phase. 

Within Symaga’s Continuous Improvement for Manufacturing Plan, the entrance to the plant has been reorganized at a logistical level, improving the internal traffic of trucks and vehicles and parking spaces, for over 3,500 trucks that come and go every year within our factory .Twobuildingshavebeenrebuilt, thefirstto control theentry and exitofvehicles, with a roomtogiveOccupationalRiskPreventiontoallvisitors and thesecondbuildingwith a new Training and Meeting roomforProductionteam. Symaga Group maintainsitsphilosophyofcontinuousimprovement. Thereductionofenergycosts and logisticsimprovement, in theend, increaseefficiency and competitivenessofourcompany and our silos, and reinforcethecompany’scommitmentto reduce theenvironmentalfootprint.

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