Providing Valuable Protein to Growing World Population while Focusing on Food Safety & Environment

Novus International-a global leader in animal health and nutrition, is dedicated to developing innovative solutions that allow its customers to do more with less. Mr. Stuart Court, Director for South Asia and Southeast Asia Pacific shares about antibiotic resistance, company’s strategies for India and many more in recent interview with Think Grain Think Feed.

First of all, on behalf of TGTF team, we would like to extend a warm welcome to you India. Would you please share a brief about yourself and your role in Novus India.
Thank you. I have been with Novus since 2009 and have recently taken up the role of Director, South Asia and Southeast Asia Pacific. Before this, I was leading the Novus Technical Team in this region. In addition to supporting clients, the role allowed me to gain an appreciation for the diversity of animal production systems in the Asian region including in India. Moving forward I will continue to manage Novus’s support teams to ensure that our customer’s needs are being well addressed.
Kindly throw some light on the Novus-3S Concept (Service, Solutions and Sustainability).
Novus has pledged to answer customer issues and industry challenges by providing innovative solutions including the reduction of feed costs, effectively managing gut health and improving tissue integrity and health. At Novus we are about providing innovative total management solutions that optimize livestock and poultry production.
Service is central to company’s interaction with customers and business partners. We believe in providing superior customer service to help our customers deal with their challenges. We provide our stakeholders professional, knowledgeable support from people with appropriate backgrounds, as well as an understanding and commitment to the markets and communities we serve.
As for sustainability, it is a priority for Novus. It is ingrained in our mission to make a difference in sustainably meeting the growing global need for nutrition and health. We have a social, environmental and economic obligation to deliver products, services and programs that ensure a sustainable future for all of us.
For the, last three years the Indian poultry industry is been in a bad shape, on other hand, the dairy and aquaculture sectors have seen significant growth. How has this kind of trend affected the strategies of Novus business in India?
We understand that today’s poultry industry faces more challenges than ever before. While providing valuable protein to a growing world population, it is also important to focus on managing food safety, animal welfare and environmental concerns. At Novus we are dedicated to ensuring that we provide the best quality products in the market, verified by science and proven in production. By incorporating feed ingredient solutions from Novus into animal diets, customers can improve the profitability of their operation.
Novus is assisting in developing a sound strategy for achieving optimal production, as well as consultation on sustainable practices and products. The company is dedicated to advancing the industry through various collaborations with professional organizations and educating consumers on important issues.
The company provides products and solutions for dairy animals from growing heifers through transition and into lactation period. As for Aqua, we are committed to making aquaculture production more efficient and profitable while ensuring sustainable practices.
About a decade ago, there were limited options available for the customers. But today, the scenario is totally changed, when there are now many companies pushing their products in the market. How Novus stands this tough competition and intend to deal with it?
“Realize the Hidden Value” is based on the premise that Novus products offer superior value to its customers, beyond traditional product functions of competitive offerings. We believe that customers can capture additional value from their operations in five important ways:
– Reducing feed costs by extracting more benefit from feed ingredients
– Optimizing animal health through nutrition backed by our dedicated research team
– Offering professional, knowledgeable, local and friendly customer service and support
– Addressing industry challenges globally through various collaborations, and
– Providing superior quality products in the market, verified by science and proven in production
We understand that our customers want to do more with less, ultimately increasing profitability and minimizing environmental impact; therefore we are committed to help them to serve their purpose.
A lot is being said today about antibiotic resistance, not only here but across the world, what is your take on this particular issue?
Antibiotic resistance is a vital component to sustainability and needs to be addressed in a holistic manner. We are conducting extensive research to provide alternative solutionsto antibiotic use. Over the past ten years, the use of feed additives as an alternative to antibiotics has been on the rise. Novus has been very successful in implementing this concept in developed countries. We are working closely with animal protein producers to educate and implement strategies for antibiotic free feed in Asia.
Please share your vision for Novus India from 10 years down the line and giving your assessment about which of the segments out of poultry, dairy or aquaculture would contribute better to the your business?
Novus India vision aligns with the overall vision of the company which is to “to feed the world affordable wholesome food and achieve a higher quality of life”. We have optimistic plans for each of the business segments and confident that each segment will contribute fairly to the overall business. The company’s portfolio of products and programs are designed to support producers in all aspects of production and across various species be it poultry, aqua or dairy, playing a vital role in optimizing performance, efficiency, sustainability and profitability.