Productivity 4.0 more environmentally-efficient. New laser and welding investments

Whilecommited to our mission of increasing the quality standards of our silos, we continue investing on start of the art manufacturingequipment by preservingourcore values : sustainabledevelopment and safety. Recently, the installation of a new 8kw laser has been completed, whichincreasesourproductivity by 50% and enables us to process thicknesses of up to 30mm, with an overall 75% saving in electricity and reducing the amount of gascausedduringourcuttingoperations. Over the last monthsourwelding section has made soundprogress on achievingour goal consisting of monitoring in real time all tasksperformed by robots, enabling us to gather relevant manufacturing production data. The new UPN welding group and the new robot are more powerful, sincethey are made of pulsed arc weldingequipmentthatincreases speed and improveswork on difficult surface edges. Additionaly, ventilatedwelding screens have been purchased to preventourworkersfrombreathing in weldinggases. 

Our annualinvestment plan continues to increaseproductivitywithin the framework of enviromental respect, safety and total control of the factorythrough MES-SGA system. Symaga improves the quality of its silos whiletaking care of the environment and its team.

by Symaga