Feed millers can improve their cost effectiveness with this new analyzer by PekinElmer

The FT 9700™ is a stand-alone FT-NIR analyzer with touchscreen and ResultPlus interface.

Based on the combined PerkinElmer expertise in providing leading spectroscopy instrument for 75 years and Perten instruments 30 years knowledge of feed, food and grain processing NIR applications, the FT 9700 sets new standards in agricultural product analysis using FT-NIRspectroscopy.

“Feed producers are looking for better cost-effective accurate solutions to test feed and bring down the cost of production with increase in quality of produce. Introduction of the FT 9700 FT-NIR Analyzer to the feed, grain and other Agri-commodity processing industries is an effort in this direction” says Amar Jeet Sharma, Sr. Business Development Manager at PerkinElmer. The FT 9700 scanning a wavelength range up to 2500 nm complements the Diode Array based DA 7250 NIR Analyzer in specific applications where the longer wavelengths are beneficial, or calibrations are to be transferred from data collected using the longer wavelengths.

High performance FT-NIR analysis
The FT 9700 is based on the Spectrum Two N using the proven PerkinElmer DynaScan™ fixed-mirror-pair interferometer design analyzing a sample in 30 seconds using the 700 to 2500 nm wavelength range. Including OpticsGuard™ and Atmospheric Vapor Compensation™ technology the analyzer is designed to be robust, reliable and require little maintenance. The FT 9700 feature the PerkinElmer NIR reflectance Module (NIRM) designed for easy operation using a magnetically detachable spinner system. Raw materials and finished feed samples can be analyzed either whole or ground.

Excellent calibration transferability
Using unique Absolute Virtual Instrument™ technology alignment, instrument to instrument transferability is best in class. Ensuring that calibrations developed on one FT 9700 easily are transferred to other FT 9700 analyzers. The FT 9700 is also capable of using calibrations based on transferred data from other brand NIR system in the market using full wavelength NIR region, FT-NIR or dispersive scanning monochromator instruments. This means that the NIR databases and calibrations do not have to be recreated when using the new FT 9700 NIR platform.

Stand-alone easy to use analyzer 
The FT 9700 is a compact stand-alone analyzer with touchscreen interface and integrated Windows 10 Enterprise computer. Straight-forward sample handling and intuitive Results-Plus touchscreen user interface mean that anybody can operate the FT 9700 confidently and get accurate results. The large touch screen lets operators clearly see results -even from a distance.

ISO 12099 Compliant
The FT 9700 supports the procedures described in the ISO standard 12099. Animal feeding stuffs, cereals and milled cereal products –Guidelines for the application of near infrared spectrometry and is completely compliant with the standard.

Source: PerkinElmer