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Nutrex history

The Nutrex Group was founded in 1988 by Mr Leo Van de Mierop and has since grown to become a leading supplier of innovative, top quality feed additives, headquartered in Belgium and with production facilities, offices and warehouses in Belgium, the Netherlands and Poland.  Over the past 32 years, the group has gradually internationally expanded its activities and today Nutrex is active in over 60 countries worldwide through a strong network of distributors supported by their own team of technical sales experts. 
New base of operations
We are therefore very pleased to announce that Nutrexhas build a new tailor-made production facility in Olen. The eye catcher of the project is the 25 m high production tower.

Recently we have invested in a completely new base of operations that will house
our new headquarters, innovation center and state‑of‑the‑art production facilities.

The investment in Olen was needed, on the one hand to be able to develop and produce new products, and on the other hand to further expand our production capacity. The new plant is entirely built with the most modern production techniques that can combine high capacity with maximum flexibility, both for large and small production runs. Tailor-made production is also possible. By using a unique, custom-designed solution with internal container transport, carry-over is excluded, and the highest quality and complete traceability can be guaranteed.
Nutrex manufactures a full range of additives covering enzymes (Nutrase), endotoxin reducers (EndoBan), mycotoxin binders (Free-Tox), immunonutrition products (Y-Mune, NutracidInteStim), water-soluble supplements (Nuvisol) and yeast derivates(Y-MOS, Y-Boost) to acidifiers (Nutracid).
The new offices and laboratories not only offer a pleasant working environment, but will also enable accelerated development and testing of new products. Thanks to this investment, Nutrex can centralize all its strategic activities related to sales management, product development and innovation as well as marketing in one location. With this new expansion step, the second generation within the family owned company confirms its ambitions for the future.
Currently Nutrex’s products are available in approximately 60 countries worldwide spread across Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and Africa. In most markets we work through distributors who are supported by our dedicated Regional Technical Sales Managers, but we also try to maintain contact with key customers in the different markets where we are present.
Nutrex’s market presence has been continuously growing in South Asia.Recently we have started a new cooperation in Nepal. Under leadership of Dr. Amit Patra , Technical Sales Manager -South Asia we are expanding further geographically. We are continuously appointing additional distributors in the region to cater even more to the needs of our customers. Our aim is to extend the best possible technical support to our esteemed customers and to guarantee this we are in the process to recruit more people  in South Asia.
We are continuously conducting field trials with different renowned Institutions,Integrators in South Asia & worldwide aswe aim to bring a constant high quality technical support to our customers to help them obtain the best performances.In our philosophy, having a strong R&D, is the best way to make sure we keep finding solutions to help our customers meet their current and future challenges.
Nutrex is proud to provide the finishing touch for nutrition, by consistently adding value to its customers’ and users’ products, allowing them to save more costs and improve performance.
Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we currently can not reach our customers physically, but we try our best to stay in touch through virtual meetings, webinars and the current virtual industry fairs.